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Guest Speaker
Dr. Randall Younker

Archaeology on Ararat: New Evidence for Noah’s Ark? 

Digging in the Ruins of Solomon 

Archaeology’s greatest Finds 

Faith in the Secular University 

Randall W. Younker is Professor of Archaeology and the History of Antiquity and Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Arizona under William G. Dever.  He also holds a degree in Religion and an MA in Teaching Biology (Pacific Union College).  Randy has been a field archaeologist for the last 43 years working in Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Sicily, and Turkey where he has directed and co-directed numerous archaeological projects. 

He has co-edited twelve books and published or co-published over 75 scholarly and professional articles and reviews.  His publications include contributions to the Anchor Bible Dictionary, The Archaeology of Society in the Holy Land (edited by Tom Levy), and Peoples of the Old Testament World (1998), the Oxford Handbook on the Archaeology of the Levant (2014) and The Old Testament in Archaeology and History (2017).  He also edited and contributed to Ancient Ammon (1999) and Crossing Jordan (2007) and The Madaba Plains Project: Forty Years of Archaeological Research into Jordan’s Past (2011); The Ammonites in the World of Israel (2023); San Miceli: A Paleo-Chrisitan Village in Salemi, Sicily (2023); Mt. Ararat, Noah’s Ark and the Flood (2023);  The Archaeology of the Araz River (Turkey) (2023).

He was also a consultant for the National Geographic publication, The Letter and the Scroll: What Archaeology tells us about the Bible (2009).  

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